PH named an Historical Disctrict:
New York City's Landmarks Preservation Commission has named Prospect Heights an Historic District, It is now the largest historic district to get such protection since 1990, when the 2,020-building Upper West Side-Central Park West Historic District was formed.
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Knit Night at Perk:
From Fall into Winter, Knit PH meets at Prospect Perk on the 2nd Tuesday each month from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. This Meetup group seats 12 people. To RSVP, join Knit PH it's FREE.
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Freddy's Bar Mascots:
In case you were wondering about the two large tomato heads that grace the cafe's ceiling they are the offcial softball mascots for Freddy's Bar. When thye're not there they're hanging around the Propsect Park softball field at the annual Freddy's v. O'Connors games.

Art Gallery:
Prospect Perk Cafe features photography and art installations of local Brooklyn artists. Wake up to art over a cup of coffee!