Mary Cluney Cohen established a small cafe in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn in late September 2003, Prospect Perk Cafe drew people together for coffee and good conversation. She had built a successful neighborhood business when she met Murat Uyaroglu and his wife Nora. He was looking to start a new cafe, but he admired the intimacey of this cozy coffee shop, the neighborhood, and its patrons. Murat proposed a purchase and after much courting Mary sold her cafe. In December 2006 Murat Uyaroglu and Ori Zigindere took over the management and ownership. Murat, Ori and their staff provide a comfortable, low-key environment for their patrons, with their passion for quality, service, and gourmet coffee to maintain a friendly neighborhood business.
Murat Uyaroglu grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from the University of Uludag he opened his own cafe in Kutahya, a small city near the Aegean Sea.

In 2000 Murat moved to the United States to study, but he dreamed of opening a cafe in New Orleans. But those plans were short-lived after the outcome of Hurricane Katrina on Louisiana. Soon after he moved to Brooklyn. He purchased Prospect Perk Cafe to pursue his original plan to open an intimate cafe with a gathering space for the local community.

Murat lives in Brooklyn with his wife Nora, their son Teoman, and their dog Chloe.
Also born and raised in Istanbul, Ori came to United States as a college student. He completed a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in 1999. He has worked in several industries including security, technology, education, petroleum, and food service. He specializes in consulting and management.

Ori is a business partner who diligently shares the ownership and management of Prospect Perk Cafe.